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Personalised Christmas Mix Sweet Jar

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Our personalised Christmas sweet jars make a thoughtful gift that can be reused for treats or any other purpose.

Made of glass and containing approx 400g of our Christmas Mix.

Also available in the following mixes:

Rainbow Fizz (Vegan, Vegetarian) - Sour Candy Shocks, Sour Tongues, Sour Dummies, Peach Rings, Fizzy Bears

Bon Bon (Gluten Free, Vegetarian) - Lemon Bonbons, Apple Bonbons, Blue Raspberry Bonbons, Strawberry Bonbons, Orange Bonbons

Big Softie - Giant Strawberries, Jelly Dolphins, Strawberry Pencils, Pink Milkshakes, Cola Bottles

Liquorice - Pontefract Cakes, Jelly Spogs, Liquorice Fondant Sticks, Liquorice Comfits, Catherine Wheels